Saturday, October 30, 2010

Other cakes!!!

Hello All!!

Before I start posting recent things I have made I wanted to first post some of the stuff that I have made in the past few years!!!

Made these two cakes for a friends wedding shower
Her fiance is a graphic designer and made
cartoons of each other and ...
I made them into a cake!!!! 

This was for a baby shower.
To cute!!

Why not say Happy Birthday with a
Pizza Cake!!!

WVU Graduation Cake
for my Best Friend Sarah!!!

7 layer chocolate cake
It was so goood!!!

Birthday Cake for my boyfriends
 Niece's 1st Birthday!!! 
I saw a cake similar to this online and just
thought it was so cute, so I tried my best and
waa laaa!!!

This is the latest cake that I have made!!! 
It was for my sisters 25th birthday!!!  

These are all of the cakes that I have made so far. I only wish that I had more time and more money to make many more. But I will definitely keep you posted on any more cakes that I make!!!

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