Saturday, November 20, 2010

What I have been up to...

The past couple weeks I have been busy
with school and I have not been
baking a lot. But, I have managed
to put aside to bake a couple of things!!!

I made my first cookie cake ever!!
I think it turned out pretty well.
It was for my little sisters
15th Birthday!!!

These are to cool!!!
Not only do they really look like hamburgers
but, they were so good!!!

It is just a cupcake cut in half,
with a brownie in the middle!!!

Frech Toast!!!

Made it one morning, a few weeks ago.
Looked pretty, and taseted AMAZING!!!

I did make a chocolate cake the other night
but did not get a picture of it... :(

Stay posted, I will be baking a lot this week.

NO SCHOOL for me = Yummy things to EAT

**Grandma's Carmels**

The other day I was bored and decided I was going to make
my Grandma's Caramels!!!

You add all of the ingredients together
and you have to keep stirring and
stirring until it reaches 250 degrees!!

This time when making the caramels, I lined
my pan with parchment paper!!! It made
everything so much easier!!!

I then had to cut them all up....


WaaLaaa Grandma's Caramels!!!
Wrapping them took awhile, but it was
well worth it!!!

I love making these caramels, they are so good,
and not that hard to make.
I will be making more this week for

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Other Goodies!!!

Chocolate Chip cookies!!!
I make these quite often!!!

Lady Bug Cupcakes!!

One of my favorites
Strawberry Shortcake!!!

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls!!
Will never buy cinnamon rolls from the
store again!!

Checker Board Cake !!!

Happy Halloween!!
I just made these the other day.
Found them online and they were
too cute!
They were also very easy to make
and did not take that long.

Other cakes!!!

Hello All!!

Before I start posting recent things I have made I wanted to first post some of the stuff that I have made in the past few years!!!

Made these two cakes for a friends wedding shower
Her fiance is a graphic designer and made
cartoons of each other and ...
I made them into a cake!!!! 

This was for a baby shower.
To cute!!

Why not say Happy Birthday with a
Pizza Cake!!!

WVU Graduation Cake
for my Best Friend Sarah!!!

7 layer chocolate cake
It was so goood!!!

Birthday Cake for my boyfriends
 Niece's 1st Birthday!!! 
I saw a cake similar to this online and just
thought it was so cute, so I tried my best and
waa laaa!!!

This is the latest cake that I have made!!! 
It was for my sisters 25th birthday!!!  

These are all of the cakes that I have made so far. I only wish that I had more time and more money to make many more. But I will definitely keep you posted on any more cakes that I make!!!


Hello all!!

Like I said in my description, when I am bored, I bake. My favorite is making and decorationg cakes. I started out four years ago making cakes for my boyfriends birthday, and decorating them like his favoritie "things"

My first cake I made!!
A Martin Guitar

After the first birthday cake I made him it sort of just stuck, and I started making him a cake every year!!!

Tissot Watch Cake
                                            I-Phone Cake                                               

Nikon Camera Cake

These are the four birthday cakes that I have made for my wonderful boyfriend, and really where my baking habits began!!!